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Tree Hut
Every tree is different, so we show you how to let your tree suggest the form of the treehouse. This 5' x 6' design works well in a tree with at least two main supporting branches. Eight pages of plans including a Materials List and Secret Escape Hatch. See sample pages.


  Plans for Tree Hut   $14.95
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

Tree Hut

Easy-to-Build Treehouse
This 8' x 8' A-Frame Treehouse, supported by two trees and one 6x6 post, can be built in just one weekend (with a little advance planning). It requires minimal cutting as it uses 4 full sheets of plywood, straight from the lumberyard. One additional sheet is cut to form the front and rear walls. The railing can be filled with either rope or slats. Plans include 10 pages of detailed, illustrated instructions plus a materials list. Deck makes a great launching pad for a zip line, rope & pulley or water-balloons. See sample pages.


  Plans for Easy-to-Build Treehouse   $14.95
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

Easy-to-Build Treehouse

Treehouse with Deck
This 6' x 8' treehouse can be built in a tree with the trunk rising through the floor and roof - or simply attached to the tree with auxiliary posts (as shown in the photograph). Fifteen pages of illustrated instructions including a materials list. See sample pages.


  Plans for Treehouse with Deck   $14.95
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

Peace Treehouse

Hobbit Treehouse
Built from cedar logs to blend in with the branches, this treehouse is reminiscent of Tolkienís Lord of the Rings trilogy. It looks great nestled in a large tree. It can be pre-built on the ground and hoisted up to the tree. Plans include 7 pages of illustrated instructions and a materialís list. See sample page.


  Plans for Hobbit Treehouse   $14.95
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

Hobbit Treehouse

3-Legged Fort
This easy-to-build 3-legged Play Fort can be put together in one day at a minimal cost. Each side is approximately 4-feet long, and the floor is 4 feet off the ground. The stairway is an optional feature that can be replaced by a simple wooden ladder or even a rope ladder. This is a great playhouse if you don't have trees in your backyard. Plans include six pages of step-by-step illustrated instructions. See sample pages.


  Plans for 3-Legged Fort   $9.95
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

3-Legged Fort

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