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Ready-to-go plans for the perfect shed, home office, and workshop; practical & ornamental designs for the garden, children’s furniture, and useful storage ideas - all you need to know, including full materials list & step-by-step directions.

Garden Projects
Garden Projects
Downloadable Treehouse Plans
Treehouses & Playhouses
Downloadable Shed Plans
Sheds & Tiny Houses

Woodworking Projects
Woodworking Projects

Kids' Projects
Kids' Furniture
Storage Projects
Storage Projects
Kids' Projects
Kids' Projects

Click on an image (above) or title (below) to see more plans for each category.

Garden Projects
Projects with detailed plans including a garden cart, planters, a potting bench and “the Perfect Shed”.

Treehouses & Playhouses
Tree hut, four-sided playhouse, easy-to-build treehouse, treehouse with deck, hobbit treehouse, and 3-legged fort.

Sheds & Tiny Houses
Backyard dwelling, a-frame cabin, tiny eco-house, a-frame, tudor backyard building, hexagonal garden tool shed, cordwood irish shed, workshop with clerestory, potting shed, hillside shed, classic garden cottage, basic shed, summerhouse, simple garden tool shed, firewood shed, and kit for timber-frame shed.
FREE Toolbox Plans
FREE Door File Storage Plans

Woodworking Projects
Simple, easy-to-build projects that can be built in one day, using basic hand tools.

Kids' Furniture
Plans, materials lists and step-by-step illustrations for easy-to-build projects, including loft beds and storage chests.

Storage Projects
Easy-to-follow plans and illustrations for common storage problems for the bedroom, bath, kitchen, office, and garden.

Kids’ Projects
Simple plans for kids -- including a playhouse, treasure chest, treehut and gingerbread house.

Custom Designs & Illustrations
* A Few Design Examples
* Architectural Renderings
* Custom Designs
* Backyard Buildings
* Treehouse & Playhouse Design
* Technical Illustrations
* Hand Drawn Maps

User-friendly Plans
* Garden Projects
* Downloadable Shed Plans
* Downloadable Treehouse Plans
* Kids' Furniture
* Kids' Projects
* Storage Projects
* Toolbox Plans FREE
* Door File Storage Plans FREE
* Woodworking Projects
Build-it-Yourself Books
* Building Small
* Backyard Building
* Cabins
* Forts for Kids
* Fun Projects
* Treehouses, Huts & Forts
* Rustic Retreats
* Sheds
* Treehouses
* Treehouses and Playhouses
* Workshops
* Garden Projects
* Kids' Furniture
* Storage Projects
* Woodworking Simplified
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