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We specialize in building unique custom designs for specific sites & uses, such as your perfect shed, cottage, treehouse or outbuilding. Contact us to discuss your special requirements. For the DIY builder, plans for the sheds shown below are immediately available.

The Perfect Shed
A simple, 10' x 12' shed/cottage using 2x4 construction - classic proportions, ideal for a home office, studio, guest cottage or playhouse. Economical and easy for the average do-it-yourselfer to build, incorporating eco-friendly features. Full downloadable plans with step-by-step instructions. Over fifty (50) pages of user friendly, step by step, clearly illustrated instructions.

The Perfect Shed

Purchase   Plans for 10' x 12' The Perfect Shed   $35
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

This tiny, AFFORDABLE, EASY and QUICK to build A-frame, designed by Deek Diedricksen can be easily altered for different uses or added to, rather effortlessly. The total cost for a cabin like this, soup to nuts, is around $1200. Add in some salvaged, free, or recycled materials, and you could EASILY build this for under $1000. The plans also recommend, and explain, some other versions, or changes that could be made, so as to include more space, a bathroom, a larger loft, an easy addition or extension.


Purchase   Plans for A-Frame   $29.95
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

The Tudor Backyard Building
A simple backyard building suitable for use as a workshop, studio, garden shed, writer’s retreat, exercise/yoga/meditation space, pool house, you name it. Your backyard building can be finished in a variety of styles from rustic Tudor to sleek contemporary. Full PLANS and instructions for conventional 2x4 framing, presented in a clear, easy-to-follow way for the do-it-yourselfer.

The Tudor Backyard Building

Purchase   Plans for 8' 9" x 11' 6" The Tudor Backyard Building   $35
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

Potting Shed
This 10’ x 11’ sturdy garden shed features a large skylight and an overhang for outside storage of bikes, firewood and garden equipment. Built using simple lap joint, timber-frame construction. Instructions for hand-made windows included. Eleven pages of Illustrated, step-by-step plans and materials list. See sample pages.

Purchase   Plans for 10’ x 11’ Potting Shed   $19.95
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

Hillside Shed
This 9’ x 10’ shed is ideal for a sloping site. It is built on four posts and features a loft for storage or for kids to camp out in. A 4’- wide, double sliding door allows for extra-wide garden equipment. Clerestory awning windows make the interior bright and airy. See sample pages.

Hillside Shed

Purchase   Plans for 9’ x 10’ Hillside Shed   $19.95
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

The Basic Shed
These plans cover everything you need to know to build a basic 8’ x 10’ shed. Perfect for beginners, this is our easiest and most economical shed. Detailed plans and 21 pages of illustrated step-by-step instructions take the mystery out of building. See sample pages.

The Basic Shed

Purchase   Plans for The Basic 8' x 10' Shed   $19.95
( note: plans are delivered electronically by e-mail )

Timber-Frame Kit
Also available as a timber-frame kit with traditional hand-made mortise & tenon construction. Free step-by-step, illustrated assembly instructions included. For more information, send an e-mail to:

Timber-Frame Kit

Community Pitches In For Amagansett Mini Barn Raising

Community Pitches In For Amagansett Mini Barn Raising

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