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Treehouses and Playhouses

I recently completed building a Hobbit House style playhouse for my daughters (4 and 1 years old) and wanted to say thanks for your great book, "Treehouses and Playhouses You Can Build". My 4 year old (Ruby) looked through all the pictures of playhouses in the book and liked the Hobbit House best. So we decided to build that one. She picked out the paint colors (as you can tell) and even helped with some of the painting. It's finally up in our backyard and she really loves it. Ruby's looking forward to sharing it with her sister, Molly, when Molly gets a little older. I put a mechanical door bell on the front and made the heart peep hole open up. The "secret" door in the back is also a favorite feature.
Best regards, Mike Jones, Belmont, MA

I just wanted to write and thank you for sharing your knowledge and imagination in these wonderful books. I have attached a couple of pictures of my adaptation of your Hobbit House featured in your book Treehouses and Playhouses...the directions and plans were really easy to follow and the illustrations awesome. I designed this one with the idea that when my 2 year old son gets bigger, the house can be moved and the whole Treehouse can turn into a took me about 3 weeks, working during nap times! Thank you again...
Sincerely, Therese McKirdy, BC, Canada

Treehouses You Can Actually Build

I used the ideas and illustrations in this book to build my daughter a treehouse in our backyard. Although I used my own design, I used many of the tips for tree connections, platform supports, and other information the Stiles provide in their book. It is evident they have a real love for their subject. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for treehouse and accessory ideas.
A reader from Nine Mile Falls, WA

We built a fantastic treehouse this summer using many of the ideas from this book. My 8-yr. old son and 6-yr old daughter learned so much from the simple illustrations. The book helped us decide on a tree, a design, and gave us nuts & bolts instructions as well as many practical tips. We highly recommend this book!
A reader from Woodland Hills, CA

With this book, I built a magnificent treehouse.
A reader from Scarsdale, NY

I requested and received
Tree Houses You Can Actually Build for Christmas. It is great! I'll use it to build a tree house at our cabin for our twin three-year-old daughters. It really has a wealth of information. I really like trolleys and hanging bridges, but never thought of making them til I saw this book.
by Dave G. from Colorado

Treehouses, Huts and Forts


Dear David and Jeanie, I bought a German edition of your treehouse book and after 3 weeks of part time preparation (mental and material) I gathered all necessary stuff and tools to build it. In 3 days from 9am to 3pm with help from another adult we managed to complete it , except for the grab rails around it. The treehouse was ready on July 27,the day of the 4th birthday of my son Nicos. Thanks for the excellent tips, plans and inspiration to create such a beautiful and cosy place. My son (the blond boy in the pictures- I am the other person) suggested that on each birthday of his he will put paint on his palms and make a hand-print on the inside wall with the year noted above. So after many years he will have the mark of his palms on the wall for every year passed. Thanks again and greetings from Greece!
Xenofon Gerogiannis : Lefkas island/Greece :

A Must Have for All Parents, February 14, 2000
I obtained this book from a library and fell in love with it. After unsuccessful attempts to purchase it, I copied the entire book, and EVERY page was worth it! It is full of wonderfully creative projects to make with your children. I especially liked the tank made from plywood. It is self propelled and comes with a gun thats quirts water (made from a bicycle pump!). Get your hands on this book any way you can - your kids (and all the kids in the neighborhood) will thank you for years to come!
Reviewer: Tabitha H. from Tampa, Florida

Rustic Retreats

The perfect builders guide. Straightforward instructions and beautiful, informative drawings will help you build dozens of great back-country shelters. Designs include sheds, arbors, lean-tos, huts, cabins, tree houses and even a design for a floating cabin.
Architect and author, Don Berg from New York

Rustic Retreats: A Build-it-Yourself Guide by David and Jeanie Stiles, offers assistance for those who dream of setting up housekeeping out in the wild, snug inside their own Adirondack lean-to, ivy-covered hut, wigwam, or garden pavilion.
from Country Living Gardner Magazine Jan/Feb '99


David and Jeanie, I just wanted to thank you for your books! I wanted to build a garden shed for my wife and found your book the best source. I constantly referred to it and could not have done it without you! Everything from the info on the roof pitch to safety to the type of siding. I thought it was all great!
Thanks, Jeff Dinardo

I have bought and read every book I cold find about designing and building small buildings. I have to admit that David Stiles has done a fabulous job in presenting building knowledge to a do-it-yourselfer. The illustrations, drawings, and pictures capture the imagination. I have personally reread this book several times and have made it required reading for the carpenters that work with me here at the shop. A must read for anyone thinking of constructing an outbuilding sanctuary.

This book's a winner. I couldn't have built my shed without this primer.
A reader from Milton, MA

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