Cabins Book - A Guide To Building Your Own Cabin Getaway.
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Cabin Addition
Cabin Addition

Mountaintop Cabin
Mountaintop Cabin
A Guide To Building Your Own Nature Retreat
BOOK   $1995

Cabins: A Guide to Building Your Own Nature Retreat is a cabin building manual which includes everything you need to know about building your own cabin getaway. It is filled with over 400 detailed illustrations, and includes an inspiring selection of color photographs.

Designs, floor plans, construction basics and architectural details describe how to build a variety of cabins, including a log cabin, pole built cabin, lakeside cabin, Japanese Moongazing cottage, and an A-frame retreat.

Cabins takes you through the entire building process, including selecting the right site, building your foundation, water supply systems, heating and electricity. A chapter on outfitting includes rustic cabin furniture, cooking gear, wood burning stoves and lanterns, and a Source section tells you where to find them.

Whether you are building a cabin in the wilderness or a cottage in your backyard, this book has something for you.

Signed copies available directly from the authors.

"Reviews from this book:"

The authors make it look easy. Library Journal

Exactly what it takes to create a little piece of heaven. ForeWord

I have always enjoyed books by Stiles and their group of designers. I built a tree house from one and a play structure from another. This is the most thorough book I have seen by them. Lots of good tips, superb drawings, construction details, etc. This is not just a pretty picture book (although there are some of those, too). This is a book for the real do-it-yourselfer. J. Pote from Mississippi

We just received the "Cabins" book that we ordered from you. We were surprised and delighted with the content and all the extra material in the text. The instructions are clear and easy to follow with excellent illustrations. We are very pleased with our copy and will not hesitate to order from you in the future. Thank you for an excellent product. Michael and Mary Dixon

Side View Section
Side View Section

Two-Bedroom Log Cabin
Two-Bedroom Log Cabin

Front & Side View
Front & Side View

Thoreau's Cabin
Thoreau's Cabin

Lake Cabin
Lake Cabin
Writing Cabin
Writing Cabin
Weekend Retreat
Weekend Retreat

Table of Contents

  Cabin Planning
Types of Cabin Construction

    Pole Built Cabins
    Stick Built Cabins
    Post and Beam Cabins
    Stone Cabins
    Cordwood Cabins
    Wood Siding
Cabin Construction
    Hand Cart
    Site Preparation
    Windows and Doors
    Ladders and Stairs
    Insulation and Roofing
    Plumbing & Sanitary Systems
  Log Cabins
    Log Joints
    Cutting Your Own Logs
    Working with Logs
    Two-Bedroom Log Cabin
Cabin Designs
    Helen's Writing Cabin
    Pyramid Cabin
    Pole Built Cabin
    Timber-Framed Guest Cabin
    Lakeside Cabin
    Japanese Moongazing Cabin
    Mediterranean Cabin
Outfitting a Cabin
    Classic Cabin Accessories
    Protecting Your Cabin
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