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Workshops You Can Build
Front Cover

Workshops You Can Build
Back Cover

Woodworking Workshop
Woodworking Workshop

Corner Office
Corner Office

Artist's Workshop
Artist's Workshop

Office Workspace
Office Workspace

You Can Build - A Weekend Project Book
BOOK   $1995

A workshop is more than a place to do something, it is also a sanctuary of peace and order where you can work without interruption. Workshops You Can Build includes everything you need to know to build your own workspace in your basement, garage, attic or as a separate building.

Over 300 detailed illustrations, including construction diagrams, floor plans and architectural details complement the text and take you through the entire design and building process.

Workshops You Can Build is packed with information and projects that will pay rich dividends for yours to come, including:

  • Why and Where to Build - choosing the best site for efficiency, budget and comfort
  • Planning and Design - coping with neighbors and communities, permits and other design considerations
  • Building Your Workshop - information on foundations, framing, roofing and construction fundamentals
  • Detailed Designs - for home offices, writer's retreats, artist's studio and carpenter's workshops
  • Skill Review - woodworking and carpentry tips and techniques from the experts
No matter what your skill level, you will find a workshop design and layout in this book that can easily be customized to meet your individual requirements.

"Reviews from this book:"

I just purchased your WORKSHOPS book, and I love your attention to detail; your isometric cut-away sketches are very thoughtfully and generously rendered. I'm a self-taught builder, sign maker, plumber-whatever, and I've done some framing, carpentry, etc. over the years and this book answers all my questions, i.e., what is a cripple stud?, jack stud?, rake board?, and at a glance this book has educated me and I'll use it as a reference book for all future projects. I'm an artist as you are as well and I've learned more from your book than other books that I have on the shelf. Thank you. Jim from Maine

Carpenter's Workshop

Armoire Workstation
Armoire Workstation

Gardener's Workshop
Gardener's Workshop

Window Detail
Window Detail


CHAPTER 1 - Why and Where to Buid
    Corner Workspace

CHAPTER 2 - Planning and Design
    Neighbors and Communities
    Designing Your Workshop

CHAPTER 3 - Building Your Workshop
    Wall Framing
    Sheathing and Siding
    Fascia and Soffits
    Doors and Windows
    Heat and Electricity
    Building a Partition

CHAPTER 4 - Three Detailed Designs
    Cotswold Cottage Office/Workshop
        Concrete Floor
        Post and Beam Construction
    Writer's Retreat
        Asphalt Roofing
        Homemade Windows and Screens
    Carpenter's Workshop
        Interior Layout
        Carpenter's Workbench

CHAPTER 5 - More Workshops and Studios
    Small Woodworking Shop
    Dream Woodworking Shop
    Garage Woodworking Shop
    Ceramic Studios
    Art Studio
    Design Studio
    Architect's and Writer's Workspace
    Tack Room
    Gardener's Workshop
    Boatbuilding Workshop

CHAPTER 6 - Portable and Mini-Workshops
    Wall-Mounted Tool Chest
    Adjustable Sawhorse
    Closet Workshop
    Potting Table
    Corner Desk
    Armoire Workstation
    Workspace for Kids
    Mini-Office on Wheels
    Wall File
    Artist's Studio Storage

CHAPTER 7 - Workshop Accessories
    Tool Rack and Shelves
    Saw Guide
    Drafting Table

CHAPTER 8 - Skill Review
    Measurements and Materials
    Cutting and Drilling
    Fastening with Screws and Nails
    Clamping and Gluing




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