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Gingerbread House KP105


Tree Hut KP101
Tree Hut


Four Sided Playhouse KP102


Toy Cannon KP103
Toy Cannon


Treasure Chest KP104
Treasure Chest


PLANS   $995

CHILDREN'S PROJECTS CAN BE ALL THESE THINGS and more--if you build them yourself. All of these designs can be put together using easily obtained materials and common handyman's tools, and include clear diagrams that lead you every step of the way. Most of these projects can be completed in a weekend or less by anyone with the most basic carpentry skills. The kids can even be involved in certain aspects of construction.

Project examples: simple tree hut, four sided playhouse, treasure chest, toy cannon and much more.

Each project includes a design, plan, materials list, step-by-step directions and carefully executed illustrations. Many of the projects can be built in less than a day and require only basic hand tools.

In addition to line drawings, most projects contain a section of helpful building tips.

Custom designs and plans available upon request.

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Tree Fort Plans
As seen on NBC
The Today Show

For more detailed step-by-step
instructions, see our book,
Playhouses You Can Build

Stiles Designs


32 x 8 fir beams10'floor & roof beams
36" dia. posts8'corner posts
11 x 2 #2 pine10'floor support
25/8" ext. ply.4' x 8'floor & roof
12 x 4 #2 fir8'door post
32 x 4 #2 fir10'railings
61 x 4 #2 pine8'railing slats
12 x 6 #2 fir10'stair legs
12 x 6 #2 fir8'stair treads
22 x 6 #2 fir8'stair & railing posts
11 x 4 #2 pine8'support cleats

26 galv. lag screws, 1/2" x 4"
16 galv. lag screws, 3/8" x 4"
8 galv. carriage bolts, 3/8" x 3 1/2"
1 lb. galv. finishing nails, 8d
1 box galv. deck screws, 2"

5/8" plywood cutting plan

This is only one type of treehouse suited to a specific tree layout. All of our books give instructions on the best type of treehouse to build in the type of tree you select. For more information, visit our website.

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Kids' Projects - Reviews

My wife and I built the 4-sided Playhouse from the plans on this site. The kids helped decorate it and it has provided hours of entertainment. Each side of the playhouse has a different theme: puppet stage, firehouse, store and post office. Needless to say, the playhouse has been a big hit for our twins and their friends. Fantastic design and clear instructions. John P. from Lawrence

My good friend, Ken Greaney Fisher Investments VP, has a hard time finding fun, educational activities to share with his children -- so the other day I gave him the link to this page.

I'm not sure who's more excited, him or the children! They really have their eyes on the treehut design, but I think they're going to start with the treasure chest. It's great that you have so many projects for kids, as the math, reasoning and planning skills they learn from woodworking will benefit them in many aspects of life. Plus, any creative outlet that gets them away from the TV and computer is a good thing in my book! Keep cranking out the fantastic plans and books David -- if you see an order come through that just asks for "All of them", that's my buddy Ken! Regards, Bob C., Financial Advisor.

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