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20 Greatest Architects
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Hulsey Trusty Studios


Relax Shacks - Tiny architecture and small living - cabins, houses, shacks and homes.

The Artist's Road - A home for creative people with a passion for ART and TRAVEL.
We believe that more artists in the world is a good thing!. - Beautiful paintings to decorate your cabin or house.
High-quality animal portraits from your photographs High-quality animal portraits from your photographs
To contact Toby directly, click here:

The Treehouse Guide - Provides building advice for DIY treehouse builders. - A wide selection of shed plans ranging from free to $29.95, easily downloadable with step-by-step instructions.

Small House Society - Providing holistic resources for improving every area of life. Also, host to the with tools for simple, small, sustainable living.

Woodshopics - Great ideas for organizing and equipping your home workshop.

Online Roofing Calculator - Get a roofing estimate of costs by roof material, square footage, and stories.

Hulsey Trusty Studios - Original landscapes and still lifes painted daily in oil and watercolor by Ann Trusty and John Hulsey.

InStock Fasteners - In-stock fasteners, screws, nuts and bolts for the do-it-yourselfer, as well as construction, repair, and industrial buyers, at superb prices and at your convenience.

McFeely's Square Drive Screws - The Square Drive Screw Authority has the right fastener for every project and lots of other stuff that woodworkers need. Visit McFeely's website to see their huge selection of screws and woodworking accessories.

Treehouse Books How-to-Build Treehouses, Huts and Forts Books by Stiles Designs.

Falcon Log Homes Ltd. - Log homes and cabins built by Falcon Log Homes Ltd: Canadian handcrafted log home kits built from Lodge-Pole Pine, Engeman Spruce, Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar. We ship throughout the U.S., Canada and overseas.

New Life Wood Conditioners - Natural cleaners and super refined beeswax refurbish, revitalize and beautify your antiques, furniture and other woods. Used by antiques dealers, collectors and restorers worldwide!

Wayside Fence - A source for wooden poles -- many sizes and species of wood. They also carry fencing and decorative finials for garden architecture. 800-847-7789

Fantasy Steel - "America's Finest Metal Art in Silhouette" Form. Functional art as Porch Swings, Rocking Chairs, and fancy Brackets in Wildlife, and Fantasy designs. Made from U.S. Steel as family heirlooms for home jewelry. Great for gazebos, too! Designed and built to outlast all others in its category. Read about our Dual-lifetime Warranty.

Little Cedar Log Homes - A family based business located in Rockville, Missouri, specializing in the construction of log homes and cabins. Plus log home owner resources!

KinderStart - A child and parent friendly site with building projects, books and more.

Vintage Games Co. - "Vintage Games Woodworking Plans" Woodworking plans for classic board games and other projects suitable for home workshops.

Country Building Directory - A source for simple country blueprints for barns, outbuildings, sheds, cabins and garages.

B4UBUILD - An on-line source of information about residential construction and design, with book reviews, software and a directory of homebuilding resources.

SwingPlans - Woodworking plans for porch swings and gliders.

Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc. - Barbara Butler, a San Francisco-based artist, designs and builds fanciful play structures, playhouses, furniture and play accessories that range in price from $3,000 to $150,000. Her wonderfully whimsical designs are painted in bright, rainbow colors and include everything from gingerbread houses and backyard playhouses to a Malibu Lighthouse complete with an observation tower.

Bridgman Furniture & Outdoor Living Blog - A valuable source of information and tips on a variety of subjects, including DIY, home decor and garden design.

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